Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spartan Chick. Aroo?

Oops I did it again.
Signed up for stupidly hard obstacle race.
The Spartan beast this time.
21km. 20+ obstacles.

My main concern is the heat. I run in long sleeves and a hijab. On a hot day I'll be a sweaty mess.
I'm terrified to be honest. But I'm determined to smash it or die trying.

Training? I need to increase my endurance. I run about 5km at the moment. I need to add 1km a week to that. More some weeks.
Upper body strength - I love training legs but at Tough Mudder I needed more upper body strength. So lots of pull ups, chin ups and pain.
Burpees - 'nuff said :(

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

See you soon DOCS.

My son is going to get me arrested.
This is how the conversation went when he used my phone....

"So what's your Mum doing? Can I speak to her?"
"No. She went to the shops and left us here."
"I'm sure she didn't."
"Yes she did."

Le Sigh.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Why I don't care about the GST on tampons

Recently there has been another call for the government to drop the GST on tampons. I read about it on Destroy The Joint which on the whole is a relevant and respectful page that I'm quite fond of. Of course my first thought was 'oh my, this is disgraceful, they're taxing us for being women. I must sign the petition' then my second thought was 'meh, tampons are dreadful'. Then I thought about it a bit further and decided that I wouldn't be signing the petition....  
Perth student Sophie Liley started an online petition this week, calling on the federal government to abolish the 10 percent tax on tampons and sanitary products. "It's completely outrageous that women are forced to pay the GST on tampons because they're labelled as 'luxury' items - particularly when condoms, lubricants, incontinence pads and sunscreen are GST-free” 
No. They are not labeled as luxury items. Health products don't attract GST. Hygiene products do. Is menstruation a health issue? No. It's not. It's a normal physiological function. So it follows that since menstruating is not a disease or a sign of ill health that menstrual products are not health products but hygiene products. Along the lines of loo paper, those bits of cotton on sticks, razors, deodorant, toothpaste and so on. Admittedly they are hygiene products that only women use but none the less they are still in a class of goods that attracts GST. So really it seems to me that the call for GST to be dropped on one group of hygiene products is a call for a tax break because we're women.
Ummm no. I don't need a tax break because I am a woman. I am an equal member of society and I can shoulder my tax burden. I might need a tax break because I have a low income but not in the form of removing the GST on a product that should attract it.

 There are a few things that seem to come up repeatedly in this discussion that I find kind of odd and worthy of a closer look.... I'll paraphrase here...... "But condoms and viagra are tax free. Why are things for men tax free when tampons aren't?" Really? Condoms are things for men? Men might wear condoms but women benefit from them just as much as men do. Condoms provide reliable protections from STD's and pregnancy. This is why women buy them. So too Viagra. Men take Viagra but the benefits are felt by both parties. I imagine that being the partner of a man with erectile dysfunction would become profoundly depressing after a while not to mention the stress of living with a man whose mental health was affected by his ED. As women surely we should be capable of visualising ourselves as sexual beings who benefit from safe sex with virile partners rather than squeamishly asserting that condoms are for male pleasure and that matters of male sexuality don't affect us.

"Use a menstrual cup instead. Problem solved" "But it's about choices, you've got no right to disrespect our choices"
A menstrual cup is cheaper and better for the environment. That's simple fact.
Tampons are ghastly. That's my opinion about an inanimate object not about their users.
Truth is that if you choose a product that harms the environment over one that does less harm I see no reason why you shouldn't pay a little extra. If the GST on tampons is really so ruinous then choose a cheaper option. If you haven't come across the menstrual cup before and you're a tampon user I suggest you look into them. I don't know of anyone who has gone back to tampons after buying a cup. Some links for you...
MeLuna A German Brand. One of the cheapest options because they will waive VAT/GST for Non-European customers.
JuJu Australian Made
Mooncup One of the most established brands. UK based.

"And birth control is so expensive" Different issue. And they should not be conflated. Of course I think we should all be able to access affordable birth control. But dare I suggest that this is one place the personal should get political. Both parties benefit from birth control so both parties should pay for it. If you shoulder the burden of paying for your birth control method of choice stick your hand out and demand that your partner shoulder some of the burden.

"But incontinence pads/nappies don't attract GST"
Seriously?! You begrudge the incontinent who are usually elderly people or women who have suffered childbirth trauma a few dollars a month on their incontinence products because you have to pay GST on tampons?
But Muummmmm!!
Gimme a break

Monday, January 28, 2013


Yes. The Quackeroos are on the road again. To the land of the Rising Sun. Exciting stuff.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Colour Run

I've entered the boys for their first fun run. I hope they enjoy it. The Mountain Man sneered a little at the concept of a 5k fun run until I told him it was for the boys more than him and then he settled down and decided he might enjoy it after all.

I wanted to enter them into the Spartan Kids obstacle race but we will be in Japan when it's on so we'll have to give it a miss this time. Maybe another time.

Y7 (who will be 8 in a week) is very keen to do the weet-bix tryathlon which will probably be a week before or after the Colour Run. Like an adult triathlon they swim, ride and run in one event. He's still not a great swimmer and the swim is 100m but we're going to try and help him to get there with his swimming and if he's not up to scratch I'm sure they won't let him drown *fingers crossed*. He can't brake very well on his bike either but he's been practicing by riding in circles around the cul de sac.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tough Mudder 2

The photos.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tough Mudder - Sydney 2012

Ha. I was going to blog about training for Tough Mudder.
Obviously that didn't happen. The training did but the blogging didn't.
Hmmmmm, the training didn't really happen either. I went to the gym and did the same thing as I did before I signed up.
Despite the lack of blogging and specialist training I still went and I survived and had a blast.

I figure I may as well write a review since I didn't manage to blog anything else much except my clothing (priorities right?).

Was it fun? Hell yes.
Would I do it again? Hell yes but not in the middle of summer which is when the next one in Sydney is scheduled. I love my wrinkle free visage too much to put my hand up for 3 hours running around in sun in February.

The obstacles...... I grew up on a farm so some of the obstacles were kind of like a day playing about on the farm. I climbed hay bales, jumped in the creek and rolled around in the mud.
There was a fire obstacle but after a childhood where the highlight of every winter was burning off it was a bit of an anti-climax. There was plenty of smoke but very little in the way of flames. With all that lycra about I guess they need to be careful of naked flames (if you're a lycra enthusiastist I urge you to attend Tough Mudder it's wall to wall lycra).
The electro-shock obstacles weren't really like when you get dared to touch the electric fence. Actually, they kind of were only there were lots more of them and you couldn't just touch it with the back of your hand and run away. They hurt like a mo-fo and each one hurts more than the last one but the positive is that it only lasted a short time. In fact most of the obstacles were over pretty quickly once you started. For me the hardest obstacles were the ones that weren't over in a flash. Carry Your Log which is the obstacle where you do exactly that and the Muddy Mile were both long, drawn out affairs and I was heartily glad to see the back of them.
I'm not sure why I was surprised by the amount of mud to be found on an obstacle course called Tough Mudder but I was. The mud was a germophobe's nightmare. Judging by amount of horse and cow droppings I ran past there was plenty of manure in the mud and if anyone had any kind of contagious disease we're all fucked. I'm actually kind of surprised I didn't end up with gastro. I haven't gone to the chemist and hooked myself up with worm tablets yet but it's on my to-do list. I still have some of the mud lodged under my toenails and no amount of scrubbing or close trimming will get it out. I'm hoping that a swim in the sea will do the job.
The Mountain Man was a champ. His ankle is rooted but he ran anyway. And by ran I mean he ran. I was surprised by how many people we passed who were walking most of the course. The organisers were pretty clear about the cardio requirements so I did expect people to be moving a bit faster. That said, after the Muddy Mile which was about the 16km mark our run was more of a slow stumble.
 The other contestants were brilliant. I couldn't have done the course without the help of strangers to get me over the wall and the quarter pipe. Since I have a hard time with asking for help I think it's probably good for me to do something that forces me to ask for help.

Organisation - they don't answer emails even for questions that aren't answered by their FAQs. Really the Tough Mudder customer service is crap and seems to generate ill will. They don't answer questions on their FB page either although they do seem to clear spam off it. Apparently they are projecting revenue of $150 million this year (I got that figure from their job ad). It wouldn't hurt to reduce that income a little by providing better customer service. On the whole despite their crappy attitude towards their customers they did manage to run a generally smooth event, had I waited at obstacle like the Melbourne people did I would have been ropeable. I noticed that they used Red Dawn for security so if there had been dramas requiring decent security they would have been in all sorts of trouble. Unfortunately they are unlikely to realise just how crappy their security provider is until too late so I'll just hope they never need good security in Sydney.

Sooo....that's the short review. I might edit it or add a part 2 later. Or I might not.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What are you doing....

Dinoboy - What are  you doing? You're not in there to muck around, you're meant to be finding my pyjamas.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday

"Go shorty, it's your birthday
We gon' party like it's your birthday
We gon' sip on Bacardi like it's your birthday"
50 Cent.

Happy Birthday Lucy.
I'm kind of angry and always sad that you aren't here to share it with me.
Sometimes I visit your blog just for old times sake, to revel in how splendidly unperfect you were.
I miss you.